Hi! Thanks so much for joining my group! I wanted to create it as an extension of my blog so that I can help anyone traveling to Korea with specific questions they may have.

This group is primarily for women who are traveling South Korea. While anyone moving here as an expat is more than welcome to join, you may find better answers in the group, Expat Women in Korea.

So before you join, some rules I’d like to establish so we’re all on the same page:

The Rules

What Won’t Be Tolerated:

Racism, name calling, misogyny, broad generalizations that turn out to be racist stereotypes… Yadadada, you get my gist.

Use the Search Bar

Before you ask a question in the group, please use the search bar both in the group and on my site to see if your question has already been answered. I’ve had 3+ years to travel around Korea, and I’ve written a TON on the country and continue to write more! I don’t want a post every day asking “What’s there to do in Seoul?”

No Spam

No Spam, obviously. I’m not that interested in admining this group to death, so I will delete + block you have 3 warnings. Consider this your first. Spam includes: rn, nudity, affiliate links, promoting yourself/blog/business.

Be Nice!

Be nice! I knowwww the urge is sometimes strong to be sarcastic or condescending, but please keep in mind everyone’s experience and knowledge is difference. What seems common sense to you is not always the case to others.

No Asking For Money

This means anything like GoFundMe, charity, etc. I’ve learned from admining other groups that people turn this into a way to self-promote very quickly, so off the bat I do won’t allow it. If there’s some sort of special circumstance (ie natural disasters or emergencies) please message me, and we’ll figure it out together.

No Affiliate Links

You may not post your affiliate links in the group. I’m partnered with different hotels and companies, and I may share my links, but you may not share yours. Again, I’m adding this group as an extension of my blog

For Other Bloggers

Please do not spam the group with your posts. If you think your blog post about x, y, z is helpful and it, then feel free to email me, and I will schedule to share it myself.

For Businesses

  • Promoting – If you want to promote an event or your business in this group, you may email me to discuss advertising rates.
  • Job Openings – If you want to promote a job opening at your company, then please email me first so I can vet it. I’ll then give you instructions on how to proceed.