[Style Files] Jessica Jung for Coming Step

If you know anything about Korean pop music, you’ve at least heard of the name Jessica Jung. I won’t go into details about her music career (that’s a whole other story), but you’ll definitely see her name popping up on this site for her amazing, simplistic style. While an active member of Girls’ Generation, she was often seen as one of the members more interested in fashion, and her casual style could be seen in her day to day outfits.

I’ve been a fan of her for quite some time, with a whole album on my computer dedicated to her airport style alone. Here is one of my favorite photo shoots she’s ever done, from a 2012 photo book for fashion brand Coming Step. I love how simple every outfit seems, with more attention paid to the little details than making extreme statements. Imagine having this wardrobe for a week long trip to the city, roaming the streets with a coffee to go, doing some shopping, trying out new food, seeing some sights, and embracing that exhilarating city feeling.



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Words by Samantha, Images from Coming Step‘s style book via 2012