Find of the Week: Brass Coin Necklace from Purpose Jewelry

Ever since I saw this article on Who What Wear, I’ve kept an eye out for a pretty gold pendant. It’s funny because I don’t normally get obsessed with certain types of jewelry. However, every few years I get really into a necklace. In eighth grade, I wore a pearl necklace every day to school, and during my senior year, I wore this giant gold peace sign necklace. I have way too many photos documenting that necklace…

Now, it’s the idea of finding the perfect, little circular necklace. Jewelry is a great place to start if you’re trying to be more sustainable. The products tend to be similar prices whether you’re going eco-friendly or not. My friend, Mallory, showed me a few different jewelry websites, and that’s when I found this guy!

How cute?!

It came in the mail while I was in Rhode Island, so I was pretty excited to finally put it on. The original clasp fits quite close to the neck (not quite choker style but close), so I prefer it at the ultimate last hook.

The Company: I feel like a name like Purpose Jewelry pretty much says it all. All their beautiful, minimalistic jewelry designs are handmade by women who have been rescued from sex slavery and human trafficking. They also have a non-profit called International Sanctuary, which helps these women regain control of their lives again through healthcare, education, and, of course, counseling. (Read More Here)

You can get my coin necklace here for $30


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