3 Cities Not to Miss on the West Coast

I always tell my parents that if I’m going to stay put in the United States, it’s because I found the perfect place somewhere along the West Coast. Until then, I always find myself trying to fit in a little trip each year. One of my travel goals is to do a full road trip, so I thought I’d list some cities and ask some friends for advice if you choose to do the same. The West Coast has some of the most incredible views in the United States, so it’d be a shame to miss any of them!


Seattle is a great place to start, especially if you’re arriving by plane. The city’s biggest strength comes from its emphasis on local products and ingredients, particularly coffee and seafood. One of its biggest attractions, Pike Place Market, was founded over 100 years ago in order to benefit residents and continues to uphold this mission today.

I also asked a friend who lived there right after graduation what his biggest tips were. He said to keep in mind that Seattle is actually pretty hilly, and it’s not nearly as rainy as you’d think, especially in the summer. For the best skyline views, head to Kerry Park.

Also, Seattle is in the famously scenic Pacific Northwest. If you can, stay for a bit in one of Seattle’s many hotels, rent a car, and drive out to any of the stunning hiking trails nearby.


There is really one thing people go to Anaheim for, and it’s a pretty great reason: Disneyland! Relive your childhood and add a heavy dose of whimsy to your trip with a day or more here. Since its opening over 60 years ago, Disneyland has opened eight different parks to choose from: Adventureland; Critter County; Fantasyland; Frontierland; Main Street, USA; Mickey’s Toontown; New Orleans Square; and Tomorrowland. There are plenty of Anaheim hotels to stay at inside and outside Disneyland if you’d like to get out and see what else Anaheim has to offer.

San Diego

I asked Elissa about San Diego since she lived there while in college, and her immediate reaction was that she loved the food. If you’re a major foodie, San Diego is one of the best cities in the country. In this Southern California city, you’ll find beautiful weather year round along with a plethora of restaurant options.

Of course, the most obvious food choice here is Mexican. If there’s one type of food that makes a Southern Californian passionate, it’s Mexican. Other fantastic choices include Italian, as San Diego’s Little Italy is one of the biggest in the nation, and pretty much any type of Asian food, like Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese. Beer drinkers will have tons of brewery options to choose from. If Napa Valley has wine, San Diego has craft beer. Walk off your meal around Balboa Park or down at La Jolla, and sleep it all off at one of San Diego’s many beautiful hotels.

What are other cities you can’t miss on the West Coast? Let me know down below!


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