2020 Black Friday Sales for Ethical Brands

Metiseko silk dress

Just wanted to share some of my favorite ethical and sustainable brands that are offering Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this year!

I know making the switch to more sustainable brands can be both pricey and a lifestyle adjustment, so I do appreciate when Black Friday or some other big sale day rolls around that makes it just a bit more affordable. Keep in mind, nothing is going to be wildly drastic (kinda would take away from most of these brands’ missions) and some aren’t even sales technically. However, many of these sales are good enough to save you a few dollars!

As always, I recommend checking this out now, saving some items you love, asking your friends about them, and then purchasing. Most of these brands are very good about their stock and their offerings, so they’re not going to sell out mega fast.

2020 Black Friday Deals

31 Bits

  • Who? Ethical jewelry company empowering artisans globally
  • Sale: 30% off sitewide
  • Do I Own? Yes! The gold foil circle pendant I’ve been wearing in all my IG stories is a gift from my sister from last Christmas
  • Shop Here


  • Who? A sustainable toothpaste bits company
  • Sale: Everything marked down (normal bits jar + four month supply is $48 normally and currently $30)
  • Do I Own? Not yet! I was going to buy when I got back from Asia in the summer (LOL). I liked my LUSH ones, but I’m excited that Bite uses nhap, a type of Fluoride, which I desperately need while traveling
  • Shop Here

Amour Vert

  • Who? green-focused brand that designs feminine pieces with sustainable fabrics
  • Sale: 25% off sitewide
  • Do I Own? I do! I bought a dress seen from this trip and I two other items from another sale a while ago. The fabrics are really delicate and wrinkle easily, so I’m extra careful when I wear.
  • Shop Here

Christy Dawn

  • Who? Ethical brand with the flowy, romantic dresses of your dreams
  • Sale: 30% sitewide with LOVE30
  • Do I Own? Not yet, I almost purchased a piece earlier this year but paused to save money :p. Autumn also pointed out that many of their print pieces don’t match up at the seam, so it’s something to keep in mind if you’re picky about that
  • Shop Here


  • Who? Luxury, sustainable clothing essentials
  • Sale: 15% off 12 of their best-selling pieces
  • Do I Own? Not yet!
  • Shop Here


  • Who? An ethical
  • Sale: 30% off the dressy pants + 20% off select designs
  • Do I Own? Not yet! But friends have some pieces and love them; waiting for a return trip to Canada to order something
  • Shop Here


  • Who? Luxe athleisure brand made from recycled water bottles
  • Sale: 30% off & up to 50$ off leggings; free shipping and a $15 off for new sign-ups
  • Do I Own? Yes, lol. Obsessed and probably what I wear the most because of my gym routine. I own the compressive leggings in five different colors (which sounds excessive except I’m exercising at least 4 times a week) as well as the Paloma and Topanga bras. I prefer the Paloma!
  • Shop Here

Lily Cup

  • Who? One of the many period cup companies and the one I specifically use (check my review of their compact cup here)
  • Sale: 25% everything sitewide
  • Do I Own? Yes, just the Lily compact; when I have to buy again I’ll get the Lily cup as it holds more
  • Shop Here


  • Who? Silk & organic cotton slow fashion brand made locally in Vietnam
  • Sale: 40% for two weeks from Nov 18
  • Do I Own? Yes! I bought a yellow cotton top (seen on this trip) and worked with them for my red silk dress seen above
  • Shop Here

People Tree

  • Who? Leading midrange sustainable brand; more conservative cuts and quirky but professional prints
  • Sale: 30% off sitewide
  • Do I Own? Yes! Various pieces actually, all in their 100% organic cotton fabrics. My favorite is a red long-sleeved dress seen here and I bought quite a few pieces back in the spring for when I arrive home to the US.
  • Shop Here

Purpose Jewelry

  • Who? Ethical jewelry handcrafted by human trafficking victims
  • Sale: various discounts
  • Do I Own? Yes! I have two small brass necklaces I love.
  • Shop Here

Warp + Weft

  • Who? Size-inclusive, sustainable denim brand
  • Sale: 30% sitewide with code BLACKFRIDAY30
  • Do I Own? Yes! I bought a pair of high-waisted straight legged jeans but they were just a little too tight at the time (like they fit snugly standing up and were torture sitting down). I’ve lost weight since then, so I’m pretty sure they’ll fit when I get home
  • Shop Here

That’s all I’ve got for now! Will add to this list if I see anything else, or if you have any suggestions for sustainable brands with some kind of sale, let me know!

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