Where to Stay in Jeju

Wondering where to stay in Jeju? I’ve gone on three trips to the island, and I’ve stayed in very different areas each time! Here’s my full guide on the best areas and what to expect for each one.

I love Jeju. It has to be one of my favorite places in Korea, and I could totally see myself finding a place for a month and staying at some point down the line.

As I’m sure I’ve said before, it combines the absolute best of the country while doing away with the worst. I mean, just look at how much happier Lee Hyori is living her lovely island life compared to when she was at the height of her pop star fame!

Jeju is all about slowing down and enjoying its many stunning landscapes and views. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking it’s smaller than it is. To circle the whole island, it’ll probably take you roughly 4-5 hours, and many sites are one to two hours in between!

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Accommodation + Travel Tips for Jeju

  • If you really want to make the most of your stay, I’d rent a car and change up your location between 2-3 places over the course of a week. At the very least, stay in Seogwipo over Jeju City.
  • Check Airbnb! Many pensions and smaller places will list themselves on Airbnb but not on other big hotel sites. Airbnb is how I found my two favorite places — Romantopia and Slow Mansion.
  • Download KakaoMaps and KakaoTaxi.
    • KakaoMaps is the best for navigation, and it gives more details than Naver Maps. Don’t even bother with Google Maps. Last time I checked, they haven’t been allowed to update their data since 2009. You can also search for nearby restaurants and see reviews/photos before you go.
    • KakaoTaxi is kind of like Uber or Lyft, except it’s not as nice. It’s for regular taxi drivers, and they’ll put on the counter instead of giving you the final price upfront like Uber. Still, it’s good to have if you don’t see any taxis around! And, of course, Uber nor Lyft are allowed in Korea.

Check here for more apps you’ll want for travel in Korea

Where to Stay in Jeju + Why

If I was going to split Jeju up, I’d split it up between its two cities: Jeju City in the north and Seogwipo in the south, as well as Northwest, Southwest, Southeast, and Northeast.

Jeju City (제주시)

Jeju City is where you’ll first enter Jeju, but I wouldn’t stay here for very long. The city itself isn’t that incredible. It’ll just remind you of every other city in Korea. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say they don’t get why people think Jeju is pretty when they’ve never left Jeju City, I could probably live out my days in luxury.

Stay For

  • Flying out of Jeju International Airport
  • Leaving via ferry
  • Hiking Hallasan (40-45 mins. from the bus terminal)
  • Jeju Loveland (get tickets here)
  • Jeju University’s Cherry Blossom Street
  • Yongduam Rock

Where to Stay in Jeju City

Find more hotels in Jeju City here and more Airbnbs here

Seogwipo City (서귀포시)

If you do want to only stay in a city, then stay in Seogwipo. I’d say it’s the most convenient place to stay in Jeju because it’s close to a ton of Jeju’s most famous sites.

Stay For

  • Ease of transportation around Jeju’s southern half
  • Proximity to Jeju’s main waterfalls – Cheonjiyeong and Jeongbang
  • The trendy cafes and restaurants near Lee Jeong Seop Street
  • Hallasan’s Yeongsil Trail
  • Dosun Dawon Tea Plantation

Where to Stay in Seogwipo

  • Mido Hostel (미도호스텔) $ – I was originally going to stay here but I wound up staying in another hostel in the southwest region for a second night. I picked it though because it’s in a nice location in Seogwipo and was highly rated. Book now or compare booking sites for later
  • Felice Resort (펠리체 리조트) $ – This is more of a pension-style in Jeju, and you’ll get one of the buildings to yourself. It’s near Olleh 7 Course and has pretty views of the sea. Check Airbnb for availability and if it’s your first time signing-up, click here to get $55 off
  • B&B Healing Garden (청재설헌) $$ – If you want to splurge a little, B&B Healing Garden is one of the most highly rated hotels in the city. It looks exactly like its name sounds — relaxing and peaceful. Book now or compare booking sites for later
  • Naezip in Jeju $$$ – This is a full house on Airbnb, so it can fit up to 7 guests. It’s seriously huge with 5 floors and a rooftop garden. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a place this big in Korea haha, I’m used to small apartments! Definitely stay here if you’re going with a group or family. Check Airbnb for availability and if it’s your first time signing-up, click here to get $55 off

Check here for more hotels in Seogwipo and here for more Airbnbs

Northwest Jeju

Northwest Jeju includes the areas of Aewol, Hallim, Hangyeong, Chagwi-do, and Biyang-do. When I first visited Jeju, I basically wanted to follow the coast, and I started in the Northwest area. The area is about an hour from Jeju City, and it’s pretty good for the more budget traveler in Jeju with a lot of quality hostel options.

Stay For

  • A trendy, more laidback vibe
  • Beaches, including Handam, Hyeopjae, Gwakji, Geumneung Eutteumwon
  • Sights like Hallim Park and Jeju Glass Castle, and Aewol Hawnhaejangseong Fortress

If you’ve read my other Jeju guides, you already know this, but for new readers, here’s a lil secret. Some of the best dang pizza I’ve ever had is at Donato’s in Hyeopjae. Keep in mind, I’ve grown up eating pizza every Friday night, and I’ve been to Italy twice, the latter time including a pizza buffet in Milan. I wouldn’t say I’m a pizza snob, but I like to think I know good pizza when I taste it. And you will not regret Donato’s.

Where to Stay in Northwest Jeju

Here are ALL the top things to do in Jeju, South Korea! This island is a great getaway from the busier mainland, and showcases Korean beauty at its best.

Southwest Jeju

Southwest Jeju includes Daejong, Andeok, Jungmun, Gapa-do, and Mara-do. There’s a TON to see in this one area, so you may want to stay nearby if you want to be close or are taking a lot of public transportation. This is also where the Jungmun Tourist Complex is, which is where a lot of the fancier hotels and resorts are.

Stay For

  • The luxury resorts
  • Proximity to multiple popular places, like:
    • Songaksan
    • O’Sulloc Tea Museum + Fields
    • Sangbangsan
    • Yongmeori Coast
    • Hello Kitty Island
    • Jusangjeolli Cliffs
    • Cheonjeyeon Falls
    • Yeomiji Botanical Garden
    • Camelia Hill

Where to Stay in Southwest Jeju

  • Lemon Tree 2nd Guesthouse (레몬트리2 게스트하우스) $ – I stayed here when they first opened their 2nd location, and it was SO nice having the whole place to myself. Your experience will probably be much different. I would have shared a 4-female dorm and share bathroom, so it’ll be nice if you’re used to hostel life, not so nice if you’re not. Book now or compare booking sites for later
  • Minitel Soul $ – About 5-minutes from Jungmun, it’s such a cozy looking place with delicious breakfast options for a pretty decent price. Book now or compare booking sites for later
  • Little White Retreat $$ – For a nice, quiet area this listing looks lovely in a very minimalistic way. It’s near Jungmun and Olleh 8 Course. If you go in the right season, you can also enjoy a view of the tangerine fields. It’s definitely more remote, so only stay if you have a car or don’t mind big taxi fees. Check Airbnb for availability and if it’s your first time signing-up, click here to get $55 off
  • Kensington Hotel (켄싱턴 제주 호텔) $$$ – Easily one of the most luxurious places you can stay in Jeju! With multiple pools, onsite restaurants, gorgeous decor, and a ton more, if you really want to treat yourself, this is one of the places to go. It’s located in Jungmun. Book now or compare booking sites for later
  • Hidden Cliff Hotel & Nature (히든 클리프 호텔&네이쳐) $$$ – This is another luxury place to stay. I’m not going to lie, the big thing that caught my attention was its infinity pool with views out to the woods. Book now or compare booking sites for later

Southeast Jeju

Southeast Jeju includes Namwon, Pyseon, and Seongsan. Besides Seongsan Ilchulbong, which is closer to the northern end, southeast Jeju is much less touristy and more off the beaten path than the rest of the island. Besides staying near Seongsan, I’d only really stay here if you have a proper car to drive around.

Stay For

  • Seongsan Ilchulbong
  • Wimi Camellia Forest
  • Seongeup and Oreumteu Folk Villages
  • The Canola Festival in early April with Noksan-ro and Jeju Horse Park
  • Udo Island access via the Seongsan Port

Where to Stay in Southeast Jeju

  • Romantopia Oreum (로만토피아) $$ – LOVED this place so much. I still think about it sometimes. If you’re there in the right season, there’s even a whole hallabong orchard outback, and the host is so sweet. Check Airbnb for availability & if it’s your first time signing-up, click here to get $55 off
  • The Cloud Pool and Spa (더 클라우드) $$ – This sits on a cliff with the best views of Seongsan Ilchulbong at sunset. There’s a swimming pool outside, so when it’s warm out, you can just go swimming, eat some peanut ice cream, and enjoy the views. Book now or compare booking sites for later
  • ZeZuZip Yellow $ – This is a super cute Airbnb that looks a bit like a warehouse and is painted yellow inside.. It’s surrounded by pretty scenery, including some cherry blossom trees right in the entrance Check Airbnb for availability & if it’s your first time signing-up, click here to get $55 off

Northeast Jeju

Northeast Jeju includes Gujwa, Jocheon, and Udo. You could also stay in this area and get to Seongsan Ilchulbong fairly easily as it’s close by. Like southwest Jeju, the northeast area is near a lot of beautiful outdoor sites and is a good base to see Udo. If you want more time on Udo, you could also stay on the island as well, just check accommodations here.

Stay For

  • Historical outdoor sites like Bijarim, Jeju Stone Park, and Manjanggul
  • Access to Udo
  • Access to Seongsan Ilchulbong
  • Beaches like Woljeong-ri, Sehwa, and Hamdeok Seubong

Where to Stay in Northeast Jeju

  • PLAYCE Camp (플레이스켐프) $ – I decided to stay here on my last trip to Jeju when I was chasing the canola fields and cherry blossoms. I’m actually surprised by how cheap it was because my room was so nice! The whole place is super cool, almost like you actually are at your own little camp. It’s very close to Seongsan Ilchulbong and has a bunch of its own restaurants if you don’t feel like venturing out. My room was a standard double with its own bathroom. Check Airbnb for availability & if it’s your first time signing-up, click here to get $55 off
  • Slow Mansion + Baco Home $$ – This is where I stayed during my visit one summer, and it was so lovely. It’s right across the road from the beach, and it’s so remote, you basically have your own private area. You’ll also be next to one of the ports for Udo! It is, however, quite far from the nearest bus stop, so only really stay here if you don’t plan on going around Jeju much or you have a car. Check Airbnb for availability & if it’s your first time signing-up, click here to get $55 off
  • Lefthander Guesthouse $ – This guesthouse is near Sehwa Beach and 20-minutes by car to Seongsan Ilchulbong. Book now or compare booking sites for later
  • MJ Resort $$ – A few miles of Bijarim and Woljeong-ri Beach, this place looks so nice and relaxing. It also has sea views and has a nearby restaurant. Book now or compare booking sites for later
  • Marvillrick Spa & Pool Villa $$$ – For a more luxurious experience in NE Jeju, this is the place to stay. It’s less than 3 miles from Seongsan Ilchulbong, and some of the rooms even include private pools. Book now or compare booking sites for later



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